A Robotics BoosterPack for Your LaunchPad


Standard 40-pin Header

Adhere to the BoosterPack standard. Go plug in your favorite LaunchPad!

Dual Power Mode

Choose 3xAAA batteries or plug in your Fuel Tank BoosterPack

Energia Libraries

Port exisiting Energia/Arduino code directly to your new BoosterPack

Great for Beginners

The plug-and-play aspect of the LaunchPad and full Energia support makes it easy for beginners

Out-of-Box Demo

Download awesome line tracking, maze solving, and remote-control demo

Compact & Agile

The small form factor and low center of gravity makes your car drive super fast!

Connect to Cloud

Using Firmata and Node JS, you can control your BoosterPack from any web browser.

Open Source

Make your own modification to the awesome BoosterPack


Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver - DRV8833

The device has two H-bridge drivers controlled by PWM, and can drive two DC brush motors. Power supply voltage range: 2.7 V - 10.8 V Datasheet
Step-Up Voltage Regulator - LMR61428

A step-up DC-DC switching regulator for battery-powered and low input voltage systems with up to 90% efficiency. Regulated output voltage range: 1.24 V - 14 V. Datasheet
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator - TPS770xx

The TPS770xx family offers low dropout voltage, ultralow-power operation, and miniaturized packaging. TPS77050 outputs 5.0 V. TPS77033 outputs 3.3 V. Datasheet
30:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor

Two 30:1 micro metal Pololu gearmotors creates a differential drive system to spin the wheels. Each motor is capable of being boosted to 9V for maximum speed. Datasheet
Five Reflectance Sensors - QRE1113

By deciphering white from black surfaces, the minature reflective object sensor enables cool line tracking and maze solving capabilities. Datasheet
Analog Distance Sensor - GP2Y0A21

The Sharp distance sensor detects objects 10 to 80 cm away by outputting an analog voltage ranging from 3.1 to 0.4V to an analog pin. Datasheet

Texas Instruments ICs

Open Source Hardware

Single PCB Solution


Energia Library

Libraries are provided in Energia to get your project off and rolling.

Simple APIs

Designed for beginners, the APIs are intuitive and easy to use!


A serial protocol that lets you control your BoosterPack from your PC

Open Source Software

All demo's source code can be downloaded on GitHub

Energia Library

Easy to use APIs and simple code development environment makes Energia an attractive option for rapid prototyping.

With a few simple lines, you can control the BoosterBot thanks to our Energia library.


For a beginner, embedded programming may be daunting. That is why we offer an alternative solution called Firmata, written in Javascript.

Firmata is a communication protocol that allows your computer to control your LaunchPad, without ever needing to flash the device.

Dynamic Pin Map

For MSP430F5529, pin 23-27 are the analog inputs connected the reflectance sensor. Pin 37-40 are PWMs controlling the motors. Pin 28 is the IR distance sensor.

Depending on the LaunchPad, pins will be dynamically populated on the screen.

Node JS Server

With all the raw data, you can let your server handle all the intense data processing.

Web developers can control motors and access sensor data from the comfort of a Javascript environment.

Software Libraries

Motor Library

Simplify motor control. Include Forward/Reverse, Turning, and Hard Breaking.
View source on GitHub


Calibrate and read sensors with ease. Include five reflectance sensor and IR distance sensor.
View source on GitHub


Implement Firmata on both the server and browser. Include message passing protocol and sample GUIs.
View source on GitHub

Demo Video

Intro Video

Intro Video

The introduction to BoosterBot gives an overview to its features and demonstrates its robotics capabilities.

Line Tracking

Line Tracking

Under Construction

Firmata Remote Control

Firmata RC Control

Under Construction


Getting Started

We, the BoosterBot team, recommend getting started by downloading the Motor Library and the demos from the GitHub page. Attach your BoosterBot under your favorite 40-pin LaunchPad then download an Energia demo to your board.

Hardware Setup

Setting up the hardware could not be easier! Take BoosterBot out of the box and attach it under a 40-pin LaunchPad. Power the boards by using your FuelTank BoosterPack or the 3xAAA battery pack.

Software Setup

Download Energia, plug in a USB cable into your computer, download the demos and Energia libraries here, and download a demo application to the LaunchPad.

Meet the Team


Hardware Engineer


Software Engineer


Application Engineer

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